At OneNineFive, we create and deliver extraordinary events and experiences to businesses and organisations.

Our reputation is built on proven success delivering corporate events, company conferences, sales meetings, product launches, sales growth incentive & reward programmes, client functions, lead team planning retreats and staff & partner weekends.

Our commitment to organisational development is matched by our passion for personal development. 

We believe that a well-crafted event or group travel experience that is delivered with strategic intent and your people top of mind can develop both individuals and organisations.

We’ve been delivering events – many with a food and wine focus - around the world including New York, London, Paris, Pacific Islands, Asia, New Zealand and very often, Melbourne.   

When it comes to Melbourne we have some amazing contacts and friends, all who are at the top of their game in this food-mad city. 

Serving Up Melbourne is an incredible foundation for your next business event. It can be customised to your business requirements, interests, timeframe and can be delivered year round.  

We'll work with you to integrate your strategy and key business messages with a combination of amazing food and wine, a chance to hear from inspirational business owners, witness first-hand the very best customer service, enjoy some urban exploration and experience the surprise and edge of a OneNineFive event! 

Here is a taste of what you can expect...

Celebrate Success

Celebrate your successes with mind-blowing dining experiences, served by some of the legends of the Melbourne culinary, hospitality and business world.

Develop Relationships

We believe that positive shared travel experiences create deep and lasting relationships and in turn, this helps to build effective businesses and teams.  

Build your team

Ignite your team through the ‘My Melbourne’ challenge. Experience Melbourne through the eyes of a leading chef, and play your part in creating a unique evening event.

Inspiring and unforgettable business events, conferences, meetings and team experiences start with conversation so if 'Serving Up Melbourne' sounds like a solid foundation for your next business event, we'd love to hear from you! 

"You certainly have some great connections and it speaks volumes that you were able to get four great Chefs for a whole day, culminating in all of them working together to serve up a spectacular meal - one of many.  A truely unique and personal experience"

Andy Robertshawe | Wellington, New Zealand